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Types of Services


Therapeutic Massage

Tailored taking into consideration your body, mind, and soul. The therapist will use a variety of techniques such as stretches, joint mobilization, manipulation of energy, and deeper massage strokes to relieve pain and tension.
60 min $140
75 min $160
90 min $180
120 min $220

Prenatal Massage

Designed to support and help women entering motherhood cope with the common aches and pains due to changes in the body and weight gain.  Tailored to melt away lower back, upper back, hips and feet discomfort. 
60 min $140
75 min $160
90 min $180

Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Work

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions in the deep body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Reiki and CST are combined to bring the best of Eastern and Western treatments.
60 min $140
75 min $160
90 min $180
Close-up of cosmetologist making rejuvenating face procedures for woman client in spa or s

Miracle Face

Method Renata França
With an immediate lifting effect, the Miracle Face massage reduces swelling, accentuates face shapes and promotes natural skin revitalization. It's ideal for brides, postoperative recovery, and more. 

With Lymphatic Drainage techniques and modeling massage, Miracle Face promotes new contour to the face and drains swelling.
30 min $60

Lymphatic Drainage

Method Renata França or Vodder
Light to firm touch, rhythmic massage treatment used to relieve congestion, eliminate fluids and toxins, reduce waste and edema, stimulate circulation and boost the immune system.Recommended for those seeking detoxification, feeling bloated or sluggish, and for post op. 
60 min $140
75 min $160
90 min $180
Masseuse performs professional abdominal massage for female client lying on a couch, close

Sculpting Massage

Sculpting massage, know as Brazilian Massage, is a manual massage technique that applies vigorous, fast and firm movements along the whole body. This massage presents surpising results as it was conceived to model adipocytes. That is, moving the fat to the right places, thus giving the body a better contour. 
60 min $160.00
75 min $180.00
90 min $200.00
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